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Trump vs Biden Debate Thread

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Even the clowns at Fox News said he was trash. Only Balcy could watch that garbage and think trump “won”


Low information debate watcher


Not even sure this warrants a reply, but jfc get a clue as Foxnews has been a majority far leftist network for awhile now.

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Chappy I need your wisdom - do you think the turnout will be higher or lower than 2016?

Higher. Much HIGHER.


1) Young voters (those between 18-21 voting in their first election) are energized.


And, over 90% of them are Anti-Trump.


2) Those who "sat it out" in 2016, who facilitated Trump's narrow win, are going to show up in 2020,


And, the overwhelming majority of them will vote for Biden.


So yeah:


Expect HIGHER Turnout. Which helps Biden.:cigar

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Naturally a commie like Guesser is gonna link to 3 of the most left wing "fake" fact checkers around BUT


tell me

What on Bidens rosary bead is gonna stick STRAIGHT UP when his arm is in that position. It would have to defy gravity


Cmon man!!!!!







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Raise is a dumb old man who doesn’t understand that not everything on the internet is real.

I havent given up on you even though you getting to be about dumb as a bag of crack.


Keep reading my posts and get some knowledge in that dome of yours



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