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WEEK 1 - Free $500 TGF "You Rank Em" Pick 5 College Football and NFL Handicapping Contest

Sharp Square

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Free to Enter: $500 in Prize Money (sponsored by TGF)

Players make 5 picks per week from the College Football and NFL cards. You can select all College or all NFL or a mixture of both. ALL PLAYS WILL HAVE TO BE POSTED BY 11 AM CST ON SATURDAY (NO EXCEPTIONS)! You do not have to post selections all at once but they all have to be posted prior to the deadline.

Plays will be ranked on a scale from 5-1. A win will equal the points total selected for that wager. So a player wins his #5 selection he will be credited with 5 points! Only wins will count player will receive no points for ties or losses. If a game gets canceled for any reason including Covid then its counted as a loss for that week. You will only be allowed to substitute a play if the game was selected and cancels before the 11 AM CST Saturday Picks Deadline!

Contest is Sides and Totals only!  Nothing else is available

You CANNOT Pick the Side and Total from the same game


Your SELECTIONS will look like this or they will not be graded:

5 - Team Name + Line
4 - Team Name + Line
3 - Team Name + Line
2 - Team Name + Line
1 - Team Name + Line


This contest will start Next Week and will last 4 weeks! We will use the total from the Monday Night NFL game of the last contest week as a tiebreaker if needed. 

All Lines will come from BookMaker via the link provided: https://www.bookmaker.eu/live-lines/football/nfl



WEEK 1 =  Thursday 10/29 - Monday 11/2


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8 minutes ago, Sharp Square said:


Guys this is week 1 and typically I am lenient so everyone has a chance to get used to the new contest and its rules. 

But starting in Week 2 - You Post em You Own EM!  Period...  so fair warning 

Thanks for the free pass.

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