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TGF Master Political Thread


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41 minutes ago, RaiseThese said:

Hope you are enjoying your day with your lovely family sir, cant wait for either A or B to happen

A-You are back at the helm

B-You reveal that you never left it..I like this one A LOT


Hundreds of people are sitting in jail right now because of trumps cowardice, that's his legacy.

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4 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:

Seriously. How pathetic. Guy is making multiple posts wishing a guy who wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire happy bday. 

Really hope he someday can accept he’s a mentally ill sheep and sucker and gets the help her so desperately needs !

the irony is he calls everyone else sheep

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25 minutes ago, Machiavelli said:

Was nothing false I posted last week. 


Y'all just get stuck on what you cheer for---rather than what's actually going on. 


Reps will make the same mistakes as before, thus ensuring Kamala 2024. THat just be life. 

So now you are carrying out the joke.....it was funny when you posted because all of us new it was satire......


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My final birthday well wish and Trump picture of the day makes reference to SpaceForce.....almost no one even knows what they do and that is okay......I think we will be hearing from them quite a bit in the not too distant future regarding the 2020 stolen election........

ALL OF TGF thank you for your continued service to this country  Mr Trump, even the idiots.

We ALL know that you are the rightful President of the United States of America



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Raise told you way back when that Rat was making a big mistake in certifying this fraud election

Raise told you that Trump was trying to get them to do the right thing in the phone  call to Rat and  the media was twisting shit........LIB truth deniers like Joey and others said "NO way" and the Media(WAPO) said Trump told RAT to "find votes"......and then AGAIN Raise was proven right when 2 months later

Confirmed: Dirtbag Raffensperger and His Aides Secretly Recorded Trump’s Phone Call, Lied About Its Contents to Far Left WaPo and Then Deleted the Audio in “Trash” Folder




And now Rat is trying to cover his ass as evidence of the steal/fraud/foolishness  cannot remain hidden (the truths always comes out) 

His time in the clink becomes closer to reality. He will pay as Raise told you many times


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