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6 minutes ago, El Chapo2017 said:


You better you better pray that you are never in the same room with me...

There will be just 2 sounds, me hitting you and then you hitting the floor...

Then, I am gonna rip your ear off and stick it up your bung so you can hear me kickin' your ass...

Yeah.  A pansy ass, tranny lover that votes against guns.  A real tough guy.  LMAO. 

Like you could ever afford to be in the same room as me anyway.

Save up those government handouts, brokedick.

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5 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:

The midge is angry today. Maybe Ty and Baldy got to the ebt funds before him. 


guy couldnt drive a swift truck. canned


"$3k a week driver manager!....you ppl have no clue"


clearly doesnt have any sort of a bankroll to ease the pain. opened his midget mouth last week and went 0-6. documented beyond dispute if he wants to try. sad state of affairs 

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So first we dropped to the lowest levels since the 80s


and now we’re shipping 5,000,000 barrels from our reserves to Europe.


Can 2024 get here already?  These people suck so fkn much.

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1 hour ago, Bigrunner said:

Brock owns your dumb Israeli ass. They are born very dumb in Israeli. Like you Bebe was sucking the dick of the worst most criminal president ever. Then when BeBe congratulated Biden on his victory, Benedict Donald told Bebe "no more sucking each others dick, I still have MBS and Pootin I can suck.  

Breaking news it's now very apparent the far right wing Israeli military killed American journalist. Biden should drop a bomb on Israeli. The deficit would drop drastically.:laugh  Majority are worthless. Dumb Jason is a perfect example. 



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17 hours ago, Gmcarroll33 said:

Hammerin Hank will always be Hank Aaron.  I’ve never even heard of this other Hank that passed, nor have any of my friends or family.  Everybody knows that Hank Aaron is Hammerin Hank.  I have no idea why an espn gambling character is important enough for a nickname or thread.  The X obviously thought it was worthwile and to each his own, but Hammerin Hank will always be Henry “Hank” Aaron’s legacy.  His autobiography is great btw, as were his stories about playing fireball as a kid.

Hank Aaron was one of the greatest players and nicest humans. He would not be happy with the direction the racist governor Brian Kemp has done regarding voter suppression and voting rights in Georgia. He always had to deal with racism but with the backward direction of the country and Scotus, I know Hank Aaron would be disgusted. 

Hank Aaron Never Forgot How America Treated Him. We Shouldn't, Either

It didn't matter how many home runs Hank Aaron was able to hit. He endured endless racism inside and outside the ballpark.
And obviously Georgia is unwilling to progress but willing to go back to Jim Crow.


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41 minutes ago, Jimmy Hoffa said:

Every elected official gets calls like that.

Less than newsworthy...

Double standard Hoffa quickly concludes the extreme hate and Trumptard threats on RepubliCons is standard political behavior. Par for the course. Everyone move on. Next!

Did I get it right? Because you usually say you don't know until you read the briefs or reviewed the evidence. Unless your conclusion is in support of Nazis and Trumptards. :laugh 


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5 minutes ago, Brock Landers said:

So you condone calling up your governor and calling him a scumbag motherfucker?

I don't make calls like that.

However, it's not criminal.

Just because something is distasteful, ugly or vile doesn't make it unlawful. 

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Pelosi Vita: Speaker, DUI hubby cavort at Italian resort owned by Andrea Bocelli


The Pelosis may want to skip the wine tasting this time.

A little more than a month after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul was busted for DUI in California — leaving him facing jail time — the multi-millionaire couple was spotted at a ritzy resort on the Italian seaside owned by legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli.

most patrons didn’t recognize Pelosi and kept asking the lifeguards who she was. 

The resort, so exclusive that rates for personal cabins are only available by emailed request, is nestled between the beach and the mountains in Forte dei Marmi, about 60 miles west of Florence.


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  • Bigrunner changed the title to Ayman Al-Zawahiri killed

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