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Wells Fargo class action settlement check

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36 minutes ago, Teddy kgb said:

Top 10 stiffs...

1. Clippersfan.....was that his name? Heard 150k

2. Dimesayeronly....110k

3. Pats nephew....50k-150k

4. Tuckman....25k

5. Shrink....175k

6. The guy who stiffed Whale? Forgot his name but also a bookie who IAG still plays thru so tell you about her integerity....50k

7. Yikes.....10k

8. Brock.....Endless

9. Mofo....35k

10. Peep....draft Dodger and mega stiff 100k+

20154. Ted 2k and disputed 

Wtf Ted. Hahahah Ted talking about my integrity....Obviously you don’t remember the details with all that. I have never stiffed a soul, and that matter was between the two parties and Whale never disputed the response. You are just mad I said you couldn’t be in the zone.   Didn’t you stiff Whale?

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2 minutes ago, HinesWard86 said:


Lots of interesting names on the list. Sad how many people eventually stiff, including people once considered solid back in the day.

Almost all gamblers lose, if you gamble more than you can afford it's going to happen. That's why no one in their right mind would loan someone money to gamble with.

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