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Penny stock thread

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You need an account that will let you buy OTC stocks(penny stocks) 


to buy them it costs 4.95 per trade.

lets get you on the ground floor of a hyper growth penny stock. Withdrawal, transfer, beg, borrow or steal $500. Load it up and when you can purchase hit me up

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For the huge gains at minimal cost ya wanna get I early. Pennies matter. I bought brzl 3 times. First time was about .01 

Today I added a bit more at .04 

Doesnt seem like a big deal but....that .04 purchase was for let’s say 10,000 shares.

That same money last week woulda gave me 40,000 shares.


If that shit goes to a buck that .03 cost me 30k in profits.

yah gotta go in hard the first time.

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