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$25 Super Bowl squares..Limit 5 (for now)

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14 minutes ago, Tomorrow's Newspaper said:


Thanks for your help running this and all the 10 liners you do.  You probably do more at this site that keeps people here than anyone and then you still have to deal with the idiots on top of that.  I know when I say thanks, its from many of us!

And thank you for the kind words...and again appreciate your help. If you hadn’t agreed to take post up, this may not have gone anywhere!   

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Intoxicated and clicked  on wrong square on official grid....will not let me undo.   Please look at square grid  posted in thread not highlighted in RYP. 

Congrats Richie!!!

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3 minutes ago, Teddy kgb said:

You’re going to stiff Joe?

No...But we know what’s up. Karma’s a bitch Ted.  Do the right thing and get yourself back inHOF contentention.

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36 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:

Yup. You can pay him 

Hammer....I don’t care what you do here but if it was me that was stiffed I’d be on my way to SF to beat your ass ten (10) ways to Sunday 

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