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Do you wish you went all in on BTC ten years ago?

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Just now, joeybagadonuts said:

Fkkkk dropped moved to noon

Attacking this with my own version of tent city, from here forth known as Nerd City!

haha.  I like it!  Good luck, Joey and co

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On 2/22/2021 at 4:05 AM, tailsyoulose said:

There is an AMA with BitBoy (youtube influencer with half a million subscribers) on Thursday.

OMI will be listing in uniswap and CEX shortly after that. 

The price is holding at .003... for now. This is the last chance to get in at under a penny.

Don't say I never gave you any winners.

This is live now on Telegram. Not sure about bitboy YouTube. 

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2 minutes ago, Jimmy Hoffa said:


This guy is pumping the public for a run then dumping.


I'm new to all of this. It's interesting to learn about. I did a small amount on it. I'm trying to be careful about it all. Thanks for the heads up. 

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They have a licensing agreement with NFLPA. I threw a little on it.



$OMI - on Bitforex now - already pulled 12x in a week; NFT - app and marketplace live; every transaction burns OMI; they have DC Comics, Ghostbusters +100 other brands - best set of premium licenses you can find; they go on Uniswap and another Cex next month; still has 100x to go

With the @chamath news we're entering an NFT hype-cycle and along with $flow, $omi seems the one most primed to achieve mass adoption. It has unique NFT tech, global brands, and the ecosystem is built around the token.

Ecomi has 100+ licenses, including @DCComics @warnerbros, big Asian brands, and now the @NFL. Licensing Hall of Famer Alf Kahn handles this side. He wants $omi to be the Netflix of mainstream digital collectibles.

The tech is unique - 3D Augmented Reality NFTs. You can superimpose them on real life, record videos or take photographs of them in your environment, and share in-app or on social media.

To see what an augmented reality NFT looks like, here is the @BacktotheFuture DeLorean superimposed on some local parking lot. You can see it on your phone or on Apple glasses/VR.

Note that someone has uploaded the clip to instagram. $omi has an inbuilt viral marketing loop.

This week the CEO revealed $omi will work with the NFL Players' Association on animated AR NFTs of @NFL players. People will be able to film Tom Brady e.g throwing the ball to their kid in the park, and post it on insta/facebook... This can reach retail in a VERY big way imo.

The tokenomics are deflationary, and combine uniswap-type pumpamentals (big buybacks and burns) with an in-app stablecoin bought with fiat ('gems') to make it seamless for mass market users on IoS/Android. But under the hood, everything runs on the native token, $OMI...

Tokenomics 101: With each purchase of a new NFT (i) the equivalent in OMI is burned from the in-app reserve (1.5 billion so far), and (ii) 10% of the purchase pays for buybacks from exchanges.

So if I buy a $100 NFT, $100 of $omi is burned and $10 goes to buybacks.

Tokenomics 102: With each secondary market purchase, 100% of the fiat payment the company receives for the stablecoin used to buy the NFT goes to buybacks from exchanges, to keep the omi reserve liquid. More simply, 100% of secondary market payments go to buybacks.

With 110 bn tokens circulating, at $0.0003 $omi is about a $33m cap. No more tokens released until mid-May, then 150bn over a year. The 350bn in the reserve/vault are for in-app liquidity and will be burned over time, it doesn't make sense to include them in calcs imo.


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I was researching the wallets and transactions yesterday. Found out quite a bit. 

The company likely has 30-60b coins left to sell and is probably selling OTC to bitforex. Also holding some in reserve to provide liquidity on the other two platform to be listed soon. 

Bitforex is getting 4b loaded up every week or so, then selling in large walls of 25m. 

Demand is very high, so the price is stabilizing around the .0025 mark... Until the supply runs out.

This pattern will likely hold for 6 weeks or so, given that 1b a day is being sold and moved off the exchange. Until then expect stagnant prices. For now just hold and wait it out. Price will rocket in two months, tops.


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Also, the founders appear to hold 7.5b each. With all the work they put in here, I assume they see the eventual value of their stake being in the five billion USD range. That tells me they are tageting a 70c price point, or thereabouts, eventually. 

200-500x still on the table here boys.

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11 hours ago, raiders72 said:

What NFTs are you guys buying? I have SUPER, BONDY and RARI but what are you picking up at TopShot?

He's talking about the packs themselves. They drop them every week or so and people go nuts trying to get one on their site. Massive demand.

I'm also buying monthly NFT boxes from this kid pranksy - he will be a huge deal in this space soon. The boxes give you a curated set of 10 nft art pieces, as well as a key. If you get all 11 keys from Jan thru Nov you will be able to unlock a special Dec box. No word on what will be in that one, but I think it will be BIG. Boxes selling for .5 eth and immediately going for 3eth on the secondary market. Will likely be much more in the future.

Only 500 boxes per drop and people are going nuts over them. Likely only a handful of people will have all 11 keys and get the Dec one.

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7 hours ago, Jimmy Hoffa said:

If a heavyweight like Disney released a small set Mickey Mouse tokens the market would explode with value, demand and legitimacy. 


Now think what would happen if pokemon did the same. The CEO has teased that they may be getting a license from pokemon. Their licensing guy was the one who brought pokemon from japan to the rest of the  world. Get some OMI, jimmy. You won't regret it.

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On 2/24/2021 at 1:24 PM, IAG said:

Here’s an old article but you will get the idea...Binance did/does some shady shit too...not to say you can’t make money...



Coinbase now trying to bury Binance.  They are acting high and mighty since the announcement to go public.  They need reminded that it wasn’t that long ago the ITS has to force compliance on them.

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