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What a difference four hours makes

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Thanks guys. 

Hammered. Already have managed to lose my coverup and one shoe..no idea. Probabky in Phnx airport. .   No,room service due to covid. so Cabana guy going to hook me up with some Claws for tonight.   
Glad to be here,  but definitely different feel...  no paper menus, less food options. Spa reduced days/hours.. Gift shop closed at Noon? WTF.


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1 minute ago, nothing but winners said:

Enjoy IAG you deserve it.......what is the temperature?   

I think about 80?  Next two days about same or warmer,  and then cools down a bit to 73 Thursday I think. 

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2 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:

Enjoy IAGer! 

Thanks pal..Was. About to call u and NBW out as they announced didn’t have beverage on flight.  Luckily I spent the miles for first class, and they shut the curtain and gave us drinks lol. 

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51 minutes ago, Dingo said:

Have fun  IGGY,is that the same resort with that huge “cactus “.

Yes, but why is cactus in quotes? It is a cactus.  I’ll take a picture pervert. Lol

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