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Dewed heavily past few days

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i just cant get a job yet. im too fat and the woman who usually mows the 5 acres here just had a stroke and i have to take over so i need time to figure that out. but ill quit gambling i will not and i swear make another deposit from here on out

just try and roll over bookmaker then after that none. its been 7 months since i drank i dont have anhedonia any more there is plenty to keep me entertained. i swear 


no deposit under any circumstances

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welli ve hurt nobody and done nothing wrong

this is pushing me to drink. that will end it. this is stopping me from moving forward stopping me from earning an income. living. my health whatever


this is out of my hands

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9 minutes ago, mikeman said:

Stop blaming others for your problems KK, no one is doing anything to do, you are doing it to yourself, you can stop it anytime you choose.

ill make an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. ill slightly up the dosages of what im on. thats all i can do

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