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Raise's Revelations.....The Best is Yet to Come....Nothing Can Stop What is Coming Legacy Thread


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2 hours ago, RaiseThese said:

Here is a pretty detailed posting from a volunteer....perhaps our resident Election Audit Expert  aka  EAE Joey can use this info in his scoping.

Its pretty interesting as he gives some additional observations that I dont think have EVER been stated before.



Was any of that stuff in todays report?

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2 hours ago, rdalert447 said:

If you think it’s bullshit then you haven’t read it.

Not fair RD , he read the HEADLINE....proclaimed that as truth, stopped reading and proclaimed the rest as bullshit


I cant tell if the libs are more stupid or more just plain dishonest people who cant tell right from wrong anymore.


This is like going to the bank to take out 100 20 dollar bills, The clerk counts them for you and says 100 sir, you ask for a recount and she runs them in machine and confirms, its 100 of them.....Have a good day sir......

Then you go home and inspect them to find half are counterfeit.....

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I posted this last night but wanted to post it again after I read it for the 2nd time. Also I suggest CyberEAEJoey to read it as well. See that is the thing, its easy to say the Ninjas had no experience in this kind of extensive Full Forensic Audit because NO ONE DOES,  it has never been done......but yet they DID it:bulb


This audit volunteer gives some serious insight to what he saw/did behind the scenes....make sure to hit the "view newer" to see more posts that dont appear on the first page.

This observation really hit home with me, especially as I am literally the only person on TGF who is telling you all that this is all in the plans and part of a larger Global sting operation to destroy the cabal....These are  his words:

I suspect forensic audits were planned well in advance of the 2020 election.

There is near zero chance, in my opinion, that Cyber Ninjas waited until AFTER November 3 to come up with a whimsical idea to set the global standard for forensic election audits. I think they were ready to deploy to the first state that got green-lit.

The complex logistics required to prepare for this audit, followed by flawless execution, likely required many months if not years of preparation.

But hey, as I said, that’s just my best guess.

I only just watched a Florida-based cyber security firm with no prior auditing experience march right into Arizona and pull off the most meticulous forensic election audit in history.

We know what happened. All that matters now is what happens next.


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15 minutes ago, redstripe said:

Another libtard that can not think for himself. Crazy how these libtards have no Critical thinking skills. 

They just repeat the cnn way of thinking. 

When you finally realize what is going on under biden ,maybe you will need a pillow 

Oh they need a pillow alright, but NOT one that goes UNDER their heads.



"Biden has more votes than Trump"-oh what a great and honest audit , lets stop reading now before they tell us how he got those "more" votes.?

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  • RaiseThese changed the title to What I find hilarious is people bitched about me talking politics, Im gone for 6 months and its more political than ever

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