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Raise's Revelations.....The Best is Yet to Come....Nothing Can Stop What is Coming Legacy Thread


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53 minutes ago, zzmocashzz said:

Judge sentences Boyd Camper of Montana to two months in prison in distinctive Jan 6 case. Camper acknowledged bringing his 10 y/o son with him to Capitol, leaving son outside w/ adult friend

You keep posting this stuff like you're proud of it. It's a stain on this nation what they're doing.

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5 minutes ago, RaiseThese said:

But seriously , Is the Queen dead already and they are holding off telling us?:scratch

The Duke was kept on Ice for a certain amount of time(I dont mean a day or 2 either) before the announcement was made public.

i missed this one, is there a conspiracy that the queen is dead and they're hiding it?

Why would they do that, she is 95 yrs old, not like it'll be a shock.

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This is EXACTLY what Raise has been saying.....this guy just writes better than me,...If you are TLDR then start where I bolded:


For Patriots in the fog of an irregular war, under the dark cloud of mainstream media negativity, and in the midst of dizzying theories and missed dates, I find it helpful sometimes to reflect back on some of Trumps promises:

• The best is yet to come
• America will Never be a socialist country
• We will return power back to the people
• If we are right about the fraud, Biden cannot be president

When a supporter from Michigan told Trump that we needed him back his response was, “You are gonna be very happy.” So, why are so many patriots not happy?

We have some of the most intelligent, cogent, and brilliant minds of our day that we can truly call Patriots, yet for so many of us we cannot shake off the inferiority complex. It is amazing how many of us (myself included at times) are so insecure. Like some abused child we wander from chat room, pod cast, and patriot rally looking for someone or some thing to give us hope; to reassure us that everything will be alright. To this I say: ignore the mainstream media, ignore your friends who regurgitate the media lies, take comfort in what Trump has actually said, and if words are not enough…focus on the Deep state’s actions!

And this is where it gets really interesting

That’s right, I said focus on the Deep State’s actions. I mean if it is tangible proof that you want then look no further than the actions and reactions of the Deep State. So much of what we believe is often hidden, covert, and even clandestine and it would be nice to get some tangible vindication. Well, the Swamp and the Deep State have taken actions and reacted to Trumps promises as if they truly believe them; perhaps even more than we believe.

Since the election steal on November 3rd 2020, the Swamp has impeached Trump, tried to pass legislation so Trump could never run for office again, and tried to gain access to Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEAD) twice. What are they so scared of? If they are scared, then why are we?

If Trump’s words carried no weight, then why not reinstate his social media accounts? It makes no sense for the Deep State to impeach a defeated President or to try an ensure he can never run again if there wasn’t an eminent threat to them. The Democrats are beyond scared of what might be in those PEADs because even they know something is not right.

With increasing regularity, it seems the resident Biden is finding more and more things that he cannot do and being forced to take actions contrary to his ideology. The Biden regime thought they could create their own treaty with the Taliban in Afghanistan. They found they could not and were bound by the Doha accord that Trump arranged. In September of this year Biden extended Trumps EO 13848 [September 12, 2018: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election] for another year. The very Executive Order that will be used to dismantle Biden’s “most extensive and inclusive vote fraud organization.” Do these appear to be the actions of a regime that is winning or in control?

The swamps actions are the clearest and most vibrant example of why we should hold our heads up high and walk confidently in the knowledge that our enemies are already defeated. Put your faith and trust in God for certain and don’t be afraid to believe Trump when he says the best is yet to come. And when it seems like Trumps words do not carry past his latest rally platform; when you need more than words…look to the panicked actions of the Swamp and the Deep state.
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Just a little Myanmar update....its ABC news so beware the spin

Myanmar election body charges Suu Kyi with electoral fraud

Myanmar’s state election commission says it is prosecuting the country’s ousted civilian leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and 15 other senior political figures for alleged fraud in last November’s general election



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  • RaiseThese changed the title to What I find hilarious is people bitched about me talking politics, Im gone for 6 months and its more political than ever

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