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2 hours ago, FairWarning said:

While the country is going to hell, it’s reassuring that Trump and Biden continue to obsess over election laws.

Trump made a veiled swipe at desantis yesterday - said politicians should announce their booster status, yea, that's the kind of info people are really clamoring for. :laugh

trumps pro vaccine stance will kill him.

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5 hours ago, Jimmy Hoffa said:

You need a birth certificate to draw Social Security or SSI.

You need and ID to get welfare or food stamps.

The mere idea that obtaining an I.D. card for voting is a burden to the elderly, disabled or poor is preposterous....

If one wants to argue that it should be on their license or ID card, that’s fine.  They lose me when you have to show a vax card for entry at a bar, but no ID to vote.  Let a bunch of unvaccinated illegals in the country is fine with them, but fire essential workers who didn’t is ok also?  

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