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NCAA baseball regional plays


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All Sunday plays (To make it easier on me):

Early games:

LA Tech ML (-125) - 2.5 to win 2

South Carolina ML (-120) - 2.4 to win 2

Georgia Tech ML (-120) - 2.4 to win 2

South Alabama ML (+185) - 1 to win 1.85

VCU ML (-125) - 2.5 to win 2

TCU -1.5RL (-110) - 1.1 to win 1

Arizons St. Fairfield OVER 10.5 (-115) - 1.15 to win 1


Late games:

South Alabama ML (+110) - 1.5 to win 1.65

Old Dominion ML (+110) - 1 to win 1.1

Gonzaga LSU OVER 10 (-125) - 1.25 to win 1

Dallas Baptist ML (-130) - 2.6 to win 2

NC St. ML (-175) - 1.75 to win 1


Adding: Ole Miss ML (-130) - 2.6 to win 2

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Sundays plays - 6-6-1, -3.35 units

Overall: 13-17-1, -6.6 units

Nothing more annoying than a guaranteed winner that gets rained out and counts as a no bet... Also tired of teams that have 2 games to win 1 treating the 1st game as a throwaway... Ole Miss was gifted 4 runs in the 1st and they leave their gas can pitcher out there until he gives up 7 runs in the first...

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1 hour ago, BAUS said:

ODU postponed. They play at 9:06 am tomorrow. 


Yeah, I know it was supposed to storm pretty badly around 7 and was why they tried to move it up to 5.

The extra day off definitely helps UVA. It should allow them to throw their ace tomorrow

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3-1-1, +2.8

16-18-2, -3.8

UC Irvine's inability to field routine ground balls costs me 4-0...

Depending on the line, leaning UVA tomorrow with the extra day helping their bullpen get some rest. Games at 9AM tomorrow if rain doesn't push it back again, so the under is pretty tempting also with how early it is + extra rest for pitchers

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