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Sleepy, Ibrahim OUT for the season for MINNESOTA

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4 minutes ago, milwaukee mike said:

the boat is sunk

just like tgf since boat3 left

all we get is dipshits like you, el cucko, and bigrunner... and that worthless hoffa doesn't do a fucking thing about it


The ignore feature is way underrated

I have a terrible temper and rarely lose it anymore with all the dumb libs on ignore

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2 minutes ago, Ts179 said:

wade did you see the pic of the pres of guinea?


military busted in and abducted him

I think we will be seeing this scene playing out in other parts of the world

Perhaps even closer to home than one might imagine.....Devolution anyone?

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29 minutes ago, RaiseThese said:

Hoffler is a Boat Wannabe

Tries to copy his Mod idol but fails miserably in every aspect

Jokes are worse, Videos are worse , Picks are worse, Contests are worse



Your very own thread of ridiculous conspiracy theories wasn't enough to please you?

Remind me to move it to the Sandbox where it belongs...

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