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Silly things that annoy you even though they should not.

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3 minutes ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

Another Mar a Lago place setting.  What?  Two knives of the same size in a formal dining setting?!?!?



Shame you didnt post that picture on the day you were furiously googling place settings instead of that cartoon one you used that showed 2 different types of knives.

See you wont admit that you knew nothing about place settings, you presented your cartoon as if you were an expert on the subject, instead of the dillatante that you really are.


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1 minute ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

I can post these Mar a Lago place settings all day long and Raise will try to find an excuse for every single one of them for why they don't apply to his delusions.

You CAN indeed post them all day long but it wont change what Trump did.:laughing-smiley-face:


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Just now, MonkeyF0cker said:

Like I said.  No amount of fact and evidence can affect the delusions of someone that's mentally ill.

Just like no amt of facts and evidence can affect the delusions of a guy who thinks he knows it all.

But I dont hold it against you, nor will I have any hard feelings when you no longer need to be told what to think.

Ill help you in the best way that I can.....promise.

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5 minutes ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

Seek help.  Seriously.

I would prefer to help people like yourself and MikeyDoom.

I was brainwashed before and breaking that programming is a wonderful feeling.....you guys are better cases than people like ZZ and Brock, they are gone forever, but you guys have potential.

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4 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:


Joey is my most progressed student so far......he was a TOTALLY brainwashed , full BLOWN BLM libtard about 16 months ago and then he started following and more importantly engaging Raise  with questions and now he sports a Commiefornia avatar and it working his way toward the middle.

Keep following and keep learning grasshopper, Raise is proud of you.

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3 hours ago, mikeman said:

What's the message in these images raise?


Have people gone too far in their criticism of Donald ...

Why is Trump eating at McDonald's? - CELEBRITY

Well in the top one Trump is saying to stop being such a chicken shit doomer, weaklings get eaten so toughen the fk up and quit yer blood clot crying about what Trump didnt do....

In the bottom one I think he is suggesting that you eat your fries first while they are hot and then eat the burger.

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12 minutes ago, jd_ said:

"Q"uarter pounder. The truth is out there. 

Well shitfire that might be a better answer than mine.

I thought is was a Big Mac at first but then boom, OF COURSE he is gonna like the

Q arter Pounder better.


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I was not aware of this Tv program aired by Fox in 2001. I cant even imagine anyone airing this today.

Those curious can view  an entertaining show  being presented by a "name brand" using solid production values  ....Very hard to do today when independent truthers have to work with small budgets.

You also get to see NASA spokesperson explaining anomalies with weak answers or outright being dismissive when he cant explain.....does he remind you of anyone today?

The evidence on this show is but a tiny part of the complete deception and is not meant to be inclusive.


Also , I have ZERO interest in debating this subject anymore ....You cant change my mind and I cant change yours, however

As in Raises Revelations, Im posting for those who MIGHT be curious about the subject.....Its an entertaining show, so even if you are like thats BS today, it doesnt mean you will feel the same way down the road.

If you are interested in more research links send me a pm, otherwise I would prefer we get back to "silly things that annoy you" in this thread.








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1 minute ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

There are shows devoted to Bigfoot that actually get viewers.  Should show anyone with a brain cell how easily stupid people and the mentally ill can be manipulated.

Unless you're stupid or mentally ill.

Bigfoot is cool with me, I hope I get to play catch with him one day.


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