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Brock Flanders is buried. Working on the wraslin circuit to pay debt...

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19 minutes ago, Axl Rose 2020 said:

See if you can tell if i give a flying fuck what you think


Or anyone else for that matter

Pay yer debts lowlife, maybe God will grace you with an extra month of life.......cuz you dun fked your immune system up pal.

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On 10/22/2021 at 11:24 PM, Axl Rose 2020 said:

no idea


Poster XYZ says he was paid nothing by boat.  So who the fuck knows what the real story is/was

You owe me $500.

You owe Durito $500.

You owe TJD $500.

You owe Joey $1000's.

Who knows who else you owe,

Our agreement was $500 paid via BTC.


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6 minutes ago, Jimmy Hoffa said:

Boat paid his debts, enough already XYZ...

You were made whole.


Boat paid for a CONTEST here.

I added to the POT.

Thanks for your interest.

I am sure E is happy you support his STIFFINGS.

STIFFY E owes me $500.

He made a Superbowl BET.

That he 100% STIFFED on.

I have the emails of all his LIES to prove it.

Made whole?



He owes.  



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