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NCAA Bowl Contest


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Checking on a list of interested here.  Hoffa, please sticky

I guess the people want $150/ per entry, if you want differently speak up now or forever hold your piece.  (Multiple entries are allowed.)   Payments can be made via Paypal, Bitcoin, (message me if those do not work).  Paypal will have a nominal extra fee added as not paying $5 bucks or whatever it is a person for you degens to have a contest.    Let me know you are in and I will send you info to pay to play.  

Raise, Runner, or any of the other ultra political guys are more than welcome to play but I would have to ask you to please refrain from turning pick, discussions or any related contest threads into poli threads.  I would offer and ask the same of Chapo and Zzmo but know they are broke.  

If I am able to get SharpSquare to reconsider and help me grade please dont give him a hard time.  He gets this shit graded with the quickness.  I will be at least days behind (especially if I drunkenly end up at the Orange Bowl)

Pick 15 games (sides or totals)    Plus 2 alternatives/replacements should a game be cancelled.  These will be inserted into whatever slot is cancelled regardless of star ranking.  Only taking 2 replacements.  If you are that worried about more games being cancelled than I recommend sticking more with the Southern teams.  

Five 1 star
Five 2 star
Five 3 star

Designate one game as your BEST BET, this wll serve as the Tiebreaker 1

Guess the total number of points in the championship game. This is TieBreaker 2


You score 1 point per star for wins and .5 point per star for ties


Lines will be posted 16 Dec from (not sure yet) and will not change once posted. 

Lines from games starting the 18th Dec going forward will apply.

ALL picks must be posted online by kickoff of first game on 18 Dec or entry is void.


Will workout payout details once number of entries is determined.  

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