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Just got back from vegas


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4 minutes ago, Brock Landers said:



I'm speechless

Food, especially fake food doesn't motivate me, given the choice of  a free meal at say ruth chris's or chinese takeout, i'd go with the takeout 99 times out of 100.

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White Castle is good at 3am when hammered. Used to know a girl that worked the drive through window overnight in Queens. Would hit it up on the way home from a drunken night in Manhattan. Order the cheapest value meal on the menu and she’d give us like $50 worth of food. Those were the days….

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4 minutes ago, mikeman said:

I did walk into white castle, because of the time difference i eat dinner mid afternoon but by mid evening I'm starting to get hungry, so i almost pulled the trigger on sliders but then remembered lenai express, so i had that instead.

The kids told me they had good chili dogs someplace down there around Walgreen's. 

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3 minutes ago, rdalert447 said:

Did you drink any Piel’s?

I slurped down plenty of gin n tonics and bloody mary's, my most frequent beer was modello, had many of them, also ordered several ultra, some coors light, a couple budweisers. I prob had 5-6 beers/day but maybe 7-8 mixed drinks(maybe even more), never got drunk but i kept at it.

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1 hour ago, mikeman said:

Thought I'd give a few highlights and make a few comments. Flew sun country air and they are far superior to spirit ( only blacks and other losers fly spirit), they still give a complementary beverage  and my flights    were a breeze.

Perhaps the only luck I had was at the airport to take the city bus downtown - a guy getting off handed me his fare card that was good for another couple hours - saved 2 large! :cigar

Stayed at the ultra luxurious El Cortez(fully comped), room was nice, the gambling was another story - I now know how KK feels because they bent me over good. The  F'n machines( mostly ultimate X vp) literally stole my money with very meager payouts. I held my own at BJ, should;ve stuck to that like i used to. I lost over $2000 for the trip and 90% was at the cortez. I ran low on money and did the ATM, then lost that and had to do it again - because I'd reached my daily limit I had to do the cash advance on the credit card, they bent me over again for a $34 fee on  $500. What could i do, I'm not going to sit in the room and watch TV? Then to top it off when I tried to do the cash advance it was declined so i went to the cashier to ask what's going on and she looked at me like a total gambling degenerate. :mutley

Turned out BOA thought it was suspicious and I had to confirm it wasn't fraud. The cortez was pretty hopping, last night for sanko de mayo(?) they had a mariachi band in the casino and the mexicans were drunk and festive. lots of people with the silly straw hats, I didn't partake in that as I sat at my machine with my drink and mumbled to myself non stop. I must say the cortez restaurant sucks, slow service, mediocre food, if it's luke warm you're lucky.

Downtown was it's usual trashy self, lots of nasty women in skimpies hustling money and a fair amount of beggars. Saw one black guy in his 50's staggering around in the middle of the road giving cars the finger, etc, he has life clocked. The gambling in other places downtown seems to have gone downhill - BJ rules are bad most places, limits are high, several placed didn't even have tables open till late morning - the Main Street doesn't even have any tables except on the weekend.

I had $100 of free food from the cortez so I had breakfast there every day as well as a burger and their prime rib, I also finally tried Le Thai - thought it was very good, and ate at Linai express at the fremont - more quick chinese.

In short it was a good trip but it sucks to lose constantly, I'm going back in july.



Did you run into uncle FH at all??

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Just now, Brock Landers said:

That is an excellent hand

You feed in a hondo and you can play for a couple hours at the 100 hand (pennies), losing at ultimate X it might last 15-20 min.

It's kinda hypnotic, you're hoping to be dealt 4OAK or maybe 4 to a royal so you can win a few hundred.

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10 hours ago, mikeman said:

I've never seen him, he might have been the guy yelling at cars for all I know. :lol



Great report.  Sorry you didn’t have better luck.  “I’m going back in July “ :lol       You should have come to Deadwood instead!

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