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Perhaps my last post men


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19 minutes ago, IAG said:

Missed this but glad u are ok

Thanks. For some reason I was a little ahead of schedule yesterday. My old girl used to tell me all the time angel's walk with me. I think her crazy ass my have been right always dodging bullets. My sister wasn't so lucky more or less lost her roof. Alot of siding damage as well. They also had a car outside all the windows shattered



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1 hour ago, KingKolzig said:
Re: Derecho blasts northern Plains with 100 mph winds, leaves 1 dead
Still 135,978 without power in Minnesota and 90,503 in South Dakota.

I think the dead guy had a tree fall on his car, that would suck.

I'm still a little jumpy since my router burnt out - PTSD big time. everytime I log in my heart starts racing.

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5 dead after severe thunderstorms in Ontario and Quebec; hundreds of thousands without power

Updated 4:42 PM ET, Sun May 22, 2022
Power lines and utility poles were downed by the storms.
Power lines and utility poles were downed by the storms.
Five people are reported dead after severe thunderstorms raced through parts of Canada on Saturday, according to Environment Canada.

"There were five fatalities reported and a few others injured as a result of the strong winds with this line of thunderstorms," read a weather summary for Ontario and the National Capital Region. "There was also extensive damage to trees, power lines and buildings. There were also overturned cars reported as well as widespread power outages."

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2 minutes ago, Miley Cyrus said:

Tornado warning in effect for the Western exurbs.  So much for watching Wheel of Fortune tonight.  

A pretty thin line, the tornado part looks to go north, that batch by mankato could hit closer to the core.

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