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Independence Day Weekend


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1 hour ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

I’ll be shooting in the desert, grilling out, and going to the gym.

Pretty much what I do every weekend.


1 hour ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

I’ll probably hit up the pool at Lifetime Fitness too.

And sprinkle in a little gamblin.


59 minutes ago, Jimmy Hoffa said:

Attending Athletics vs. Mariners tonight.

A's +165


32 minutes ago, jasson621 said:

Have 12 people coming over Sunday(Monday going to the track). Brisket is the main course and the wife's popular arroz con pollo also on the menu. 


25 minutes ago, Brayden11 said:

Burgers, brats and ribs. Ice cold Hamm’s tall boys and a good bottle of bourbon. I’ll be firing away on the ponies while at the lake this weekend. Happy 4th gentlemen.

These all sound like fine American activities. Patriotic even.

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55 minutes ago, KingKolzig said:

many little tasks


cleaning out the washine machine. baking soda and vinegar


thats the first thing


55 minutes ago, KingKolzig said:

i moved it a little the other day and it sounds like it had 2 gallons of water in it?

These need a little work.

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