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Top drawer dinner in CHICAGO

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2 hours ago, fifty cint said:

ribs looked good....prime rib way overpriced

yeah their ribs are quite good

also they have a bbq chicken with a tasty red sauce, and here in milwaukee it's only $22 with 2 sides... i have that meal quite a bit, no idea why it's so cheap relative to that prime rib... same sides and yet it's $22 for a half chicken instead of $59 for a much smaller fatty steak



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10 minutes ago, Brayden11 said:

A chain restaurant has the best prime rib in Chicago? I find that hard to believe 

He knows nothing.

Look at him though.  He'd eat anything that's put in front of him.

You don't get to be obese like him by being choosy with food.

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7 minutes ago, Brock Landers said:

a chain?  having 3 locations isn't a chain restaurant pal

Chain restaurant expert now.

In the simplest terms, a chain restaurant is a group of restaurants with many different locations that share a name and concept. They can either be owned by the same company or be individually owned through franchising. Though fast food is the most popular type of chain restaurant, restaurant chains don’t have to be a particular restaurant type. Chain restaurants can be sit-down, fast-casual, fine dining, or any other concept.

There are differing opinions when it comes to what makes a restaurant a chain, and how many locations are required. New York City, for example, considers any more than 15 locations a chain, but others argue that as few as three could constitute a chain.


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wasnt meant to be funny. guy was on cloud 9


i imagine he got the wifes check too for $3000. but that i cant prove. but everything ive been saying for weeks is true and he wont respond. hes 0-6 when he posts before the game starts and as xyz pointed out most of those were horrendous picks



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most self absorbed know-it-all in forum history. if he doesnt say it then its no good

have you ever seen him in someone elses picks thread and he says "hey thats a great write-up ill bet that" never has. in a decade never seen him give someone else credit for a great call 

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