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Reason That I Sometimes Feel Guilty Using The N-Word...

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First, some context.

I used to live next door to a Swedish Guy, he was a real good neighbor.

So, I heard a story about a Finnish Guy who killed 3 People in a DUI. And, I was telling the story to my Swedish Neighbor and I used the term "Scandinavian Fukk"...

And, my Swedish Neighbor got pissed because he is Scandinavian.

So, sometimes I feel guilty when using the N-Word...

And, here is WHY:

If I use the N-Word to refer to an African-Americans, it pisses off Pucci--Because Pucci sees it as a General Insult to the PRIMATE COMMUNITY!

That is all...


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they just want to tell me 100% what to do. they know exactly just how much you can take, down to the last cell


centuries of input. working on one of the biggest scrubs. had a dream that i couldnt watch t.v anymore. so after a grueling work day/week i cant watch tucker ect


thats recovering. taking it easy. see if that rule comes up 



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