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Landers Lunch Thread.

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7 hours ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

Gauy Tiau Heng is one of my favorite dishes at Jerah but it's a noodle dish.

Ga Pao is my favorite dish at Le Thai.

Here are some pictures of one of my meals from Jerah in Jaco...



Well, that certainly looks 100x better than what Landers posted!

Thank u pal. I wanna take my wife there maybe after we come back from Algarve... 

I mean, I'm willing to eat noodles but I will always choose Italian pasta over Asian noodles.

I'll give your noodle dish a try regardless, I trust you and Joey's palate. 

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7 hours ago, joeybagadonuts said:

Thai is pretty heavily noodle based 

I’d try a panang chicken (it’s a yellow curry based dish) and Thai curry is much different than Indian stinky curry 

Tom Yum soup 

And some sort of larb (it’s basically group up meat w some spices usually served w lettuce wraps )

Goodie, can't wait to try these things

Always wanted to, never had the chance

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7 hours ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

Too bad you're not in Costa Rica anymore.

There's a Thai restaurant called Jerah in Jaco.  Everything is excellent.

They opened a location in Escazu too but I think it closed because they opened right before COVID.

We will be going back in a year + for 3-6 months

The plan is to rent a house beach so I will probably give Hermosa/Jaco a try

I'll hit you up see if you are in town!


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