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Landers Lunch Thread.

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There's no way that qualifies as a piece of pizza.  True, it has all of the ingredients of a pizza, but slabbing it on what looks like a piece of garlic bread doesn't make it a slice of pizza.  That's also way too much food for somebody to be eating at lunch.  Salad should be about half the size.

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4 minutes ago, milwaukee mike said:

that pizza looks like rocky rococo here... not the worst thing, but when villa pizza here at the mall was closed i had to go there... was laughing about it with the villa owner and he said "yeah their pizza is bullshit"


Rocky’s isn’t bad for a quick slice. 

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1 minute ago, Brock Landers said:

If I stayed on and became a mentor, absolutely.


That's very challenging in many ways, not to mention putting your life in some rookie's hands for weeks at a time 

you said it was GUARANTEED and you would be getting paid that in 3 months from when you posted it. now you are back-peddling and playing it off. you might be more parts dumb and less parts scammer 

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6 minutes ago, milwaukee mike said:

you ever go to villa at mayfair?  i am in there at least once/week, good pizza and good pasta before or after the movies

if i have more time i go to potbelly or maggianos


Never been there. Is it new? I don’t remember seeing it at the mall. I haven’t been to Mayfair since I moved out of the city 5 years ago.

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