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Landers Lunch Thread.

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15 minutes ago, joeybagadonuts said:

Exactly. The little guy is allergic to the truth. 

Dumb Joey, what about saying "the area I hiked" is a lie"?

A lie is when you call a group of 10  gamblers from a forum, losers. How soon you forgot who the liar was. You denied and Little Runner defended you. Now Dumb Joey is paying Little Runner back. Fucken Sheep and Scum!

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19 hours ago, MonkeyF0cker said:

This thread should be entitled "What not to eat".

That or "How to Die Before 60 Presented by Brock Landers."  Bojangles is good every once in a blue moon though.  I can't give him shit for eating there.  It's the White Castle, Olive Garden, fattiest pizza you can find, prime rib that is minimum 60% fat to meat ratio, and salad smothered in cheese and croutons and it all looks unhealthy and awful that make this thread what it is though. 

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