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Raise's Revelations.....The Best is Yet to Come....Nothing Can Stop What is Coming Legacy


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So for about 15 out of the last 18 years and at least 10 straight me and 2 of my longest term friends (30+years) head out on a gambling, eating , sports watching trip shortly after Christmas.

The spots vary around the Southern portion of US, this year it is 2 days in Biloxi and then 2 days in New Orleans. We thought about skipping out because of restrictions but that would be giving in to the commies. Good chance indoor dining in NO could be done with if the covid rate stays above 5 percent by next week, Ill keep you updated. Maybe some have suggestion for a good spot with plenty of OUTDOOR SEATING just in case.

We were going to the Sugar Bowl but then they decided to only sell 3k tickets. So Instead of getting in way below face value like ALWAYS , tix are 1k+, fk that.

So no sports this year either. Mainly gambling and eating is left. I hate using phone for internet but IF someone has a super easy way to post to TGF I might consider posting updates.

These just came in. The hat is subtle, not looking to get attacked by insane LIBS, doubt any of them will get the hat w/o explanation because LIBS dont think for themselves .   Also plan to give away 7 of the bracelets to Trump people.



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Yeah that is soooooo fake news. Trump has not threatened martial law.

This is an attempt to push the coup narrative and /or to make him appear unhinged.

The story started with  Marcia Harberman, she is a well known fake news activist disguised as journalist  for the NY Times. She literally made up that story last fri/sat based on a meeting Trump had with staff that was leaked by a certain rogue member of said staff. She added the martial law bit.


But from a trip point of view it is entirely possible that something goes down early next week that forces cancellation of trip.

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