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Most think IOWA FLAT


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9 hours ago, Moldoveanu said:

I had Iowa in a 10 pt teaser +20 but a push is a loss I could not believe Michigan scored pretty much last play of game 

Then Iowa had some time to score and thank God mich defense was swizz 🧀

Had the under 52 also but bunch of teasrs with Iowa +20

As of right now I'm 19-1 on games won with 10 pt teasers 

Picked about 17 different games where some games I had okl st and under 2-0, Ohio St and over 2-0 , kn st and over 2-0, Illinois n under

Right now I got left 


WVU +16.5, nc st +16.5 , virginia +12 , pit un 57.5, Nebraska +5 


I got fukked on a lot of games

Never bet an under 44.5

those games always land 45

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1 hour ago, Moldoveanu said:

Of course you can that's because you play with a retarded book 

I was at Fanduel and you can only buy points on NFL.

Sure I could wait until 10am when rec books put up the lines

But of course by that time I would have needed to buy 10 half points

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