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This is WILD...........................


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Wisconsin seemed to be going down hill under Chryst.  In the no patience world it’s not shocking they canned him.  Pelini on the other hand had Nebraska doing about as well as they can realistically expect in the modern day of football.  Dumbest thing they did was leave the B12 and go to a league where they have no natural rivals and lost all their recruiting in Texas and Oklahoma.  Their days of cherry picking California and the scholarship rules from the 90s are over.

Both are midwest, cold, frozen places and I don’t know why any kid would want to play there if they’re not from there.

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fuck the mets even though i am a fan of them thats what they get for playing like shit

they screwed me big time when they play the cubs at home the cubs were absolutely terrible team and mets were  -300 game next game -400 and then they were -460 

and every single game they scored 1 or 2 runs and got swept by the cubs for that i am happy they lost the division if they would have put a little more effort in those games

they thought they won the division or something and did not really try and play like its their last game!


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