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Wingstop chicken sandwich is back

Brock Landers

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I've never been excited over anything fast food related in my entire life.  Brock has probably made 1000 posts of fast food meals or offers that have just made his month.  I might get excited if Taco Bell brought back the mexi melt.  I can't believe they discontinued that.  It was all I ever got once in a blue moon, and have never ate there since.  Or if Quiznos comes back.

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2 minutes ago, housepicks said:

Brock for some reason thinks his fast food orders are “sharp”

i dont know if I've ever had a bad chicken sandwich - the problem is they're not THAT good. I'm sure that sandwich is very tasty, the fact he's desperate for others to try it is very strange.

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1 hour ago, xyz said:

Yesterday the racist stiff was repeatedly attacking TGF posters calling them the N word.

Today he is buying low grade chicken sammy’s for Jimmy, using OTHER PEOPLE’s money.

BIPOLAR midge.

last night was like a guy on the show Cops banging his head against the inside of a cop car window. just trying to create damage at any cost lol 

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