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Tampa Bay Downs 2022-2023


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Opening day is tomorrow and there’s been a couple of interesting developments since the end of last meet.

The first one is that it appears Rafael Schistl will not be showing up this meet. Hoping I’m wrong, but he split with his main owners and his new owners mainly stable up in the Mid-Atlantic. Aldana Spieth has his old horses, so she’ll probably improve off past results.

The second angle is the death of trainer Robert Raymond. He died right as last year’s meet ended. Raymond was good for between 10-15 wins per meet, with a handful of good prices.

The good news is that his assistant trainer, Pedro Posadas, took over and maintains a relationship with previous owners.

Posadas hasn’t started out great, going 2 for 42 at tracks like Delaware and Monmouth. But Raymond’s horses never did well up there yet thrived when they returned to Tampa.

Posadas should fly under the radar, at least early on. In fact, he has three long ones entered opening day. Look alive tomorrow, men. One of the best betting meets in the country is about to kickoff….

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2 hours ago, rdalert447 said:

My wife won’t talk to me all day. The second they are loading into the gate, the long stories start…


13 minutes ago, rdalert447 said:

Posadas starts out 0-7. Not what I envisioned but there’s enough signs of life so will continue to follow.

Goes hand in hand, my wife now hears the race calls from my office and won't enter until it is over, only took her 15 years.

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Meet is off to a slow start. Couple of plays for today:

Race 4 

$1 P3 ALL/4/7

Race 5

$20 win #4 Andy Walks 8-1

$2 DD 4/7

$1 P3 4/7/ALL

Vinson used to be good here, but would get bet. He moved mostly to Gulfstream, but hasn’t done much there. Shows up here with a generous morning line after a speed/fade. Doubt we get 8-1, but 5-1 is sweet.

Race 6

$20 win #7 Mapache G 6-1

Riggattieri’s meet last year was too bad to believe. He is usually very good here, so I’m looking to pounce in hopes of a rebound.

Good luck, men!

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