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Sold my house and quit my job

BGS 9.5

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2 minutes ago, BGS 9.5 said:

Officially gave notice today, a free man come January 15. 

How old are you? When i retired 5 yrs ago health ins was the biggest concern - turned out to be a complete non factor, i get great ins(better than i had when working) for virtually nothing because of the tax credits and other factors - income based.

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10 hours ago, WVU said:

How the fuck can you guys afford to retire at 53?

WVU, as mentioned earlier I have the financial luxury of having no spousal or dependent types lingering about. Been a CPA for 30 years and don’t want to die at the desk. 

The sale of my home sealed the deal a couple of weeks back. Walked away with a shitload of cash. Not life changing money, but certainly life altering money.

I have a very small side book that I maintain to keep busy and also to write off certain things. I also have avenues for consulting on a very narrow scope part time basis 


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10 hours ago, joeybagadonuts said:

No way i can make it to even 50. Doing everything possible to be able to retire ASAP! Working is for suckers. 

Joey, I figured you were mostly retired already. The field we chose is not something I would ever recommend to the youngsters, but I’m pretty sure they have that figured out already.  My millennial nephew lived with me the last 12 months, here are some excerpts:

- 60 hour weeks?  Fukk off

- no working from home?  Fukk off

- You mean full time isn’t 30/hours a week,  fukk off

The accounting field is dead as dead can be and will not improve, whether private or public


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