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Clowns insisted I wear a mask or leave


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1 hour ago, sleepy said:

Fuk You and your mask

Fuk this country



Remember all the disinformation Sleepy posted about the covid vaccine.  Sleepy is a full blown sicko, a cancer in America.  Please move to another country.  Make America better. 

"Memphis High School football player dies from the covid vaccine". Sleepy 

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2 hours ago, sleepy said:

At the old folks home.

I argued with them to the point where they said to leave or they were calling the police.



3 minutes ago, WVU said:

If you don’t stand up for your rights you lose them.  Sleepy is an American hero

You're one naive dumb mother fucker. Picture Dumb WVU with his Dumb buddy Sleepy fighting for their rights at an old folks home.  :mutley

The behavior of American hero's.

"Fuk America". Sleepy 

"Kari Lake is presidential material". Dumb WVU 

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1 hour ago, KingRevolver said:

Jiminy Crickets!  You at the North Pole getting all the presents ready?

Lol. Gotta admit that crossed my mind when seeing the picture.  
Masks now optional at the clinics here…they were the only place still requiring them.  I dk about nursing homes though. Sometimes ya gotta pick your battles.   Good on Sleepy for taking care of business.

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