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spankie, i appreciate all of your feedback in here and everyone else too.  I don't have an actual credit card (i only have debit cards) and when i tried adding 1 of my debit cards to connect to coinbase it was able to tell that it was not a credit card.  Contrary to this i have an actual debit card listed as a credit card linked to my circle account and maybe that's part of the reason why i have low limits.  I think circle was being lenient to me because either they let me slide on this being an actual debit card or i already had the limited amount of accounts linked to my circle.  I have 2 banking accounts and 1 account listed as a credit card.  


so yeah i am a guilty gambler with bad credit, lol but i have been working on this lately.  All of the bad stuff i did was between 8-15 years ago but you know what they say, once a bad creditor always a bad creditor.  The only credit cards i can get are the secured ones and 1 i was looking at earlier this year was the capital 1 platinum card.  I needed to send in $200 for that 1 so i might do this one later on this year.  

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Now you can buy Bitcoin with Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash Deposit, Bank Wire, and More! We now provide more ways to buy Bitcoin than ANY other website. You can buy bitcoin quickly and easily and receive your coins in just a few minutes. Visit www.BitSource.org to buy Bitcoin now!


Anyone ever used em? 

They are an affiliate for coin.mx. Coin.mx is fine to use.

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Raiders... So if I want to use my visa ... Buy bitsource transfer to my wallet @ blockchain and send to the sports book via my wallet@ blockchain.. Payout from book send to my wallet @ blockchain send to coinbase and can send to my bank account ?


yep, you can even cut out bitsource if you want and go directly to coin.mx


1. Buy from Coin.mx

2. Transfer to blockchain.info account

3. Deposit to sportsbook from blockchain.info

4. Beat up on book.

5. Have book transfer funds to blockchain.info account.

6. Transfer to coinbase 

7. Send to bank account.




4. Beat up on book.

5. Have book transfer to blockchain,info account

6. Transfer to localbitcoins.com account

7. Sell bitcoins at localbitcoins


I sell through local bitcoins a lot and receive funds by Paypal.



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They are an affiliate for coin.mx. Coin.mx is fine to use.


I had my worst bitcoin experience with coin.mx


Totally fuking absurd. 


They wanted my bank info, fine.  Then they wanted my bank password to login to my account and verify, then they wanted a picture of me next to my bank card, and another picture of me next to my id. 


Absolutely insane. 



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Cash ways to buy at localbitcoins




Seller Description Price / BTC Limits Payment method   joe.beigh@gmail.com (100+; 100%) Cash deposit: NASA Federal Credit Union 252.35 USD 1400 - 2960 USD Cash deposit Buy zhaodong1982 (500+; 100%) International Wire (SWIFT): BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS(China) 252.70 USD 1000 - 12635 USD International Wire (SWIFT) Buy imjiuyi (70+; 100%) International Wire (SWIFT): COMMCN3XOBU 252.70 USD 1000 - 12858 USD International Wire (SWIFT) Buy Vladizilla (30+; 100%) Cash deposit: Bank Of America 253.57 USD 250 - 254 USD Cash deposit Buy CeruleanShine (100+; 100%) Cash deposit: within 1 hr to Suntrust/Citibank-INSTANT Release 255.47 USD 25 - 126 USD Cash deposit Buy BitcoinNW (30+; 100%) Cash deposit: Credit Union Shared Banking 256.44 USD 50 - 128 USD Cash deposit Buy jodyb (3000+; 98%) Cash deposit: SunTrust, US Bank, Woodforest, Co-Op CU 256.86 USD 70 - 77 USD Cash deposit Buy plsoldier (100+; 100%) International Wire (SWIFT): IBAN/SWIFT 258.45 USD 100 - 129 USD International Wire (SWIFT)  
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my limits were upped but they're back to screwing with me again



Nick: Hey there! What can I help with?

hello I want to buy bitcoin

I've been buying but all of a sudden it says my limit is zero

Nick: Let me look into that for you. One moment please...

Nick: I see that. That's strange. Can you hang on a moment?

Nick: I'll ask about this


you can see I've bought lots of bitcoin in the past

and I have two funding sources entered

Nick: I do see that

Nick: ok...

Nick: It looks like our system is requiring more info from you. If you could upload an ID at https://www.coinbase.com/verifications/documents these features will be re-enabled

I don't understand, why is this

Nick: I'm not sure. It's our automated system

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I finally got the system to accept an image


and it's back to letting me buy, but at the original limits I worked so hard to get lifted



Nick: I would try from a high-quality camera before you give up on ever buying bitcoin again!

ok it went through

Nick: Great!

but now my limits are messed up

it says all I can buy is 32 dollars

I had like 600 left in my max this week

Nick: Sorry about that!

Nick: Your limits will increase over time

it had my instant limit at 1000 a week

sir, I have been making a lot of purchases in order to get it to 1000

this is not acceptable

I want a supervisor or someone to review this

when I signed up and had 100 dollar limits I was told to keep buying and waiting and I would be able to buy more

so I did

and now my limits were dropped again FOR NO REASON

Nick: I understand the frustration

Nick: Ok, I've just opened up a case for you. You should be hearing back from us soon. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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