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Missed the good number on EDM early so Im going to tease it down to a pick, going to wait on the totals with many new rules and watch a bit, gluck and have a profitable year. Taking a shot on Winny, number has been going up and I know Winny was crap last year but they have made some positive changes and Sask Oline is definitely worse than last year. If you look at the games between the 2 teams last year they were quite close. So now the gap is less in my opinon and Im getting over 2 TDs with the tease, I ll take that in Week 1 and watch. 7 point tease

Teaser for 3 units ... 3.6 to win 3

Edm -0.5 + Winny +14.5

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2nd half   Mont +4 2 units Mont Under 25 4 units

-1.6 units

Playing these early, square play on Calg against Montreal that's down to a rookie QB getting his first start. Calgary did not look great last week, I look for a quality offense to get many opportunities and hopefully score early and often. Calgary does have some keys injuries on Defense but I'm looking for them to not break against a team that already has a hard time scoring with experienced QBs. Also like some points in the Sask game. 

Calg -10.5 3units
Sask-Tor Over 51 3units
Teaser 7 pts Calg -3.5 + Sask Over 44 3units

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Not seeing much this week, taking Winny +4.5 1st half 1 unit



Too hard to call right now Tito, teams are losing players in record numbers,  Calgary is the class of the league but with both OT down and various injuries and chemistry issues they have struggled early

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